Chances are if people were asked to choose one area of the body that they want to change, it would be the belly which simply does not flatten regardless of the crunches being done. This is why it is difficult to learn how to lose belly fat effectively.

Lower Belly Fat Workout Male

The abs is a set of muscles comprised of the upper, lower, and the oblique muscles. These muscles are type 1 muscle fibers which seem to be the most difficult area of the body to lose weight and trim down since they are highly resistant to fatigue and require more repetitions compared to other muscles in the body.

The main reason why this part of the abdomen is very hard to reduce is that the body is built to store fat as energy reserve. Fat is actually very essential because it provides insulation, absorbs impact to protect the organs, and can be converted to energy to keep a person alive in times of starvation.

However, too much fat is unsightly to look and it’s a proof that a person has not been taking care of the body. Not only that, too much fat could block blood flow going to and coming from your heart and brains causing myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke.

That means, as soon as you can observe that fat is starting to accumulate and has been gradually covering your abdominal muscles, take it as your body’s way of telling you that you might need a cardio workout and shift to a healthier diet to start losing weight and eventually build your abs.

Lower ab workouts do not involve rocket science as it is surprisingly easy to do. These workouts do not need heavy weights or a set of expensive equipment, which consequently lessens the risk of getting injured if done properly. This is just easy, as long as you remember the following rules:

1) Losing fat will take time, so be patient and start now.

2) Do lots of cardiovascular exercises to burn the fat off the ab muscles.

3) Choose exercises that are biomechanically correct to train the abs.

4) Remember to eat natural, low fat, low calorie foods and use proper diet.

Best Lower Ab Exercises

In addition to these, the key to getting rid of the fat in the belly is to exercise regularly and know the best ab workouts available. Below are some of these exercises with few definitions that you can do or add to your daily workout routine:

Hanging Leg Raises – This can be done in a captain’s chair if you are in a gym. Anyhow, you may do this at home by hanging on a bar with your legs bent. And then, bring your knees up to your chest putting pressure in your abdominal muscles.

Side Turns – Position yourself lying on the ground with your feet up in the air, keeping the legs straight or slightly bent. Put your arms on your sides with the palm facing the floor and keeping the lower back flat against the ground. Turn the legs together with your feet sideways towards the floor, then vice versa.

Alternating Leg Walks – Lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Then contract the lower abs, tighten the leg muscles and lift them straight vertically and hold for a few seconds. Then lower them down until a few inches in the floor and hold for a few seconds.

Leg Scissors – Lie on your back and lift both of your feet 3-4 few inches off the ground, keeping them straight or slightly bent. Move the legs up and down in an alternating manner, without moving your knees and keeping the back flush against the floor.

For best results, perform the exercises in the presence of a certified trainer to ensure that you are doing them correctly.