A sweet little girl adds more spice and happiness to one s life. Therefore every young couple is eager to know the answer for how to get pregnant fast with an angel. If the baby girl is your ultimate choice then you can try the following methods which might not be a confirmed guarantee or offer assurance for conceiving a girl, but it might sure help in the process by increasing the chances available.

Watch the timing

If you want to know how to get pregnant fast and naturally with girl baby then you should understand the perfect timing that supports you conceiving a girl baby. The best time for conception of a girl baby is 4 – 5 days before the ovulation period. This fact should be carried since male sperms carrying the X-chromosomes are important carriers of sex of the baby. It is considered stronger that the boy baby responsible Y-chromosomes sperms. Therefore these y-chromosomes dies if you have sexual intercourse4 days before the egg is formed, this helps the x-chromosomes to reach the egg with triumph.

2. Proper positioning

Sexual position is also to be considered if you wonder how to get pregnant fast and naturally. The traditional missionary position is the best ways to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. This position helps in penetrating deeper in to the vagina where the alkaline content is less. The X chromosome can survive the acidic climate easier. And therefore there are multiple chances of you becoming pregnant with a girl baby in this amazing position.

3. Acidic encounter

The girl baby is said to be formed when there is an acidic environment created in the vagina. Therefore if you want know how to get pregnant fast and naturally then the best option is to see that the female partner does not reach orgasm during intercourse. Create such a pleasant environment for conceiving with a girl baby. God bless you!